​Telemedicine and Non-Anesthetic Dental cleaning procedure available!

Text or email for appointment.


Ensure your pet is living their best life through routine physical exams and check ups.

+ Vaccinations & Titer testing​

+ Nail trimming

+ Anal sac expression

+ Ear cleaning

+ Heartworm testing & prevention

+ Parasite checks & Flea/Tick testing

+ Bloodwork, Urine & Fecal testing

+ Nutritional consultation and Allergy testing

+ International/Interstate Health Certificate 


+ Spay & Neuter

+ Mass removals

+ Abscess treatment

+ Trauma & Injury

+ Laceration repairs

+ Suturing

+ Pain management

+ Dental cleanings & extractions


The best alternative treatments from around the world to make sure your pets heal with minimal artificial medications.

+ Aromatherapy

+ Homeopathy

+ Herbal medicine

+ Vitamin C Infusion

+ Ozone therapy

+ Fecal transplantation

+ Chiropractic adjustments

+ Prolozone therapy

+ PRP therapy

+ Stem cell therapy

+ PulseVet Shock-Sound therapy

+ Rehabilitation

+ Nutritional supplements

+ Essential oils


Acupuncture helps the body heal itself by stimulating specific points that promote endorphin release and stem cell circulating.

Along with the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) diagnosis and herbal application, it can be used to treat conditions as arthritis, orthopedic injuries, neurologic problems, kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory diseases, chronic pain. 

+ Dry Needle

+ Electro

+ Aqua

+ Moxibustion

+ Acupressure

+ Laser therapy


The quality of life from chronic illness can be improved with fluid support, pain control, nutritional support and holistic therapies such as acupuncture.

We can help your senior pets live their best lives with the time they have left.


Pet behavior problems, such as separation anxiety, inappropriate urination and obsessive-compulsive licking can be managed by behavior modification and pharmaceutical interventions.


Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning offers professional dental care to your pets without any sedation.

Candidates must be seen by our Doctor first before being scheduled for a cleaning.

+ No anesthesia

+ Fast (15-30 minutes)

+ No pain

+ Excellent for elderly pets or pets at high risk to anesthesia

+ Cleans low to mild levels of periodontal disease


Microchips are an excellent way to keep track of your pets while you're out or in case they get lost. The microchip is very small that the pet won't feel it in their body and can be done very quickly with 1 injection. 

+ Tracks pets in case they are a flight risk

+ No anesthesia required

+ Easy to identify pets in shelters or kennels

+ Lasts forever

+ Painless


Our on-site digital X-Ray machine will support diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner. 

+ Detects breaks, sprains, tears

+ Detects possible tumors and observes tumor growth

+ Observe possible foreign bodies

+ Pregnancy observation

+ Low levels of radiation used with no adverse health effects to your pet

+ Copies can be made for client files


A new device which allows for radiation-free images to be taken of your pet to determine signs of inflammation or pain. 

Through an infrared lens, the Digatherm captures the various temperatures of your pet. Higher temperatures usually means something a miss for the Doctor to look into further. 

+ Detects inflammation with simple visual understanding

+ Detects signs of strain or pain in pet's muscles 

+ No radiation used

+ Copies can be made for client files 


 On-site ultrasound service to look even closer to understand what can be found within your pets body. 


If you cannot come to us, we can come to you for at home euthanasia visits.

Let your pet be at peace where they feel  at home. 


Thimerosal-free alternative vaccines are provided to ensure the health and safety of your pets.

Less side effects from traditions vaccines with the same protection. 


High pressure oxygen therapy is an amazing and simple procedure of having your pet placed in a large tube where you sit and relax while breathing in clean oxygen. 

+ Supports respiratory systems

+ Increases oxygen levels in pet to allow easier blood flow through body

+ Supports heart function

+ Strengthens body's immune system


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